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    6 Scented iPhone Cases to Tickle Your Nose

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    Kiss goodbye to your productivity: Google just brought 8 trillion LEGO blocks to Chrome by @m4tt

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    RosieDred: Stay Away from Water


    I’ve been reading the news today and it has confirmed something I have always known: water is dangerous. It has therefore also confirmed that my fear and disgust of water is clearly not irrational, as has been suggested by people in the past.

    Evidence …

    1. Kayaker Rescued from River Tawe at…

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    RosieDred: First Post


    So this is my first blog post … I’m not entirely sure what it should include, so I will just start with a list of things that I am interested in at the moment. These are the things that I will be blogging about I guess:

    • My cats, Oliver and Snowflake. But I will not blog as if I am them … I…
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    Want to be a YouTuber?


    Follow YouTube’s own creator playbook for a 100 page document on how to create good content and how to get your audience interested in you.

    Download now!

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    ALJ Tech Blog: Sky to launch dedicated Sky Sports F1 HD channel for 2012


    BSkyB reveals that to make the most of its upcoming F1 coverage a channel dedicated to the sport will be launched for Sports and HD subscribers.

    Having secured the rights to broadcast the full 2012 Formula 1 season broadcasting behemoth Sky has revealed it is to launch an all new HD…

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    lovely bit of drifting at night never hurt nobody 

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    RockMelt for iPhone Updated: Now with Awesomer Twitter


    Twitter fans, this update’s for you. We’ve made a bunch of improvements to make the Twitter experience even more awesome. You can now see conversations with friends, view pics in full screen, reply to DMs, and share photos. Happy tweeting!

    What’s New in v0.14.0

    • Awesomer Twitter
      • Conversation views
      • Photo sharing
      • Full-screen pics
      • Direct Messages
    • Automatic saving of photos when sharing pics

    To install the latest RockMelt for iPhone, click here or click the button below:

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    Google has a shop!!!

    Well I’ve only been awake for about an hour and after searching for 15 minutes I came across googles shop. Who would have thought google would sell so much stuff with their brand name on it.

    If your looking for something nerdy to give someone as a present then look no further than the google store ;)

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